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Our Sports Consultancy Programme

Player / Coaching Mentoring Scheme

Consultancy Programme and Player & Coaching Mentoring

We offer a service to help build and develop football club's planning and develop coaching programmes. We can also provide player pathway support programmes for those interested in taking their knowledge and skills in football to the next level. We also offer to mentor players and coaches to support their development on and off the pitch.

Soccer & Sporting Excellence Academy's


We can provide a sports mentoring programme for players and coaches to help support the individuals sporting journey as a player or coach. 

With many years of experience working and coaching at an elite level in sport our "Player and coach mentoring programme" can help provide guidance and support for an individual or teams development.


We can also offer support to Schools to plan and develop their sporting programmes for academic year


Please contact us for more details

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Contact us if you are interested in our consultancy programme and player & mentoring programme!

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