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Breakfast & Lunchtime Clubs

Our Breakfast & Lunchtime Clubs for schools in Swindon & Surrounding areas

Sporting Excellence Academy's

Breakfast & Lunchtime Clubs


Our coaches are able to plan and conduct organised and inclusive game based activities to support children physically, psychologically and socially throughout the school day. 

At Sporting Excellence Academy we are proud to offer Breakfast and Lunchtime Clubs for schools. Children benefit from exercise and physical activity at the start of the day and half way through bringing huge psychological and social benefits to the classroom.

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What to Bring and Benefits

Breakfast & Lunchtime Club Session Game

What to Bring

  • Water or Squash (fizzy drinks are not recommended)

  • Trainers and Boots - can be held either inside or outside so bring both!

  • After Session Snack - to replenish your energy after your hard work

  • Change of clothes - PE Kit is most suitable

  • Shin Pads

Benefits of Our Activity

Taking part in our Breakfast and Lunchtime Clubs comes with many benefits aside from ensuring that your child will have fun.​

  • Improved physical activity to keep healthy

  • Improved skills in a variety of sports

  • Understanding of sports improvement

  • Improved co-ordination

  • Greater confidence in general and social life

  • New friends opportunity

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